Past Poems

A small selection of some of the poems I have written down through the years:


  1. Glass Slipper (Vada Magazine)
  2. Old Ireland (From The Lighthouse)
  3. And Back To Cork (Author’s Domain)
  4. Glazed (Author’s Domain)
  5. Stuart (An Gael IrisLeabhar Idirnaisi├║nta)
  6. I Chant Her Name (Outlaw Poetry)
  7. He Died On His Horn (Poets Reading The News)
  8. Goblin Tendrils (Gathering Stories)
  9. The Mermaid’s Dance (Selcouth Station)
  10. Painted Horses (Punk Noir Magazine)
  11. Park Bench (Spillwords)
  12. Lands Apart (The Medusa Review)
  13. Orange Peels (The Phacemag)
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